Sailing Lessons in Croatia

The week of sailing lessons is imagined as a break from everyday stress, with theoretical and practical mastery of sailing.

You have a skipper’s license but you do not have confidence in yourself, or you don’t have basic knowledge of sailing? For you, we designed a basic sailing lessons program. In cooperation with experienced and licensed sailing instructors we want to bring you closer to sailing. Through the sailing lessons in a few days, you will come from a beginner to a person who knows: trimming sails, maneuvering at sea with sails and maneuvers in marines. After finishing sailing lessons you will be able to show your newly acquired knowledge and sail a boat by your self on your next sailing holiday.

  Sailing under the supervision of an instructor  
The wish of Yachtium’s sailing lessons is to promote sailing and bring it to a wider population. Our sailing lessons was formed in a way so that during a week of learning and sailing, you sail around some of the most interesting locations in the Adriatic Sea.

In cooperation with experienced and licensed skippers and sailing instructors we guarantee a quality and professional lessons on sailing, but also we want to provide you with the entire experience of life on a sailing boat and of life with a sailing boat.

The sailing lessons itself consists of two parts: a theoretical and a practical part. The 7 days lessons consists 52 hours divided into parts according to the program. Since sailing is a skill that is acquired and perfected through training, the majority of time will be devoted to the practical part. But, the theoretical part should not be ignored, so we will provide you the theoretical knowledge of:

- necessary knots (1h),

- parts of the sailboat, and their function on the same (1h),

- the basic laws of physics and hydro- and aerodynamics (2h),

- navigating and reading the map, and finally, the knowledge of meteorology, an element that we can’t control and rely on greatly (4h).


Instructor theoretically explains sailing skills

Lessons about knots


The practical part of the sailing lessons is only sailing. All you have learned on the theoretical part should be learned and trained through practice. The practical part comprises of:
- exploring the sailing boat (2h),

- engine maneuvers in the marina and on the high seas (10h),

- preparing the boat for sailing (2h),

- information on the position of the crew on the sailing boat (2h),

- lifting, lowering and reefing the mainsail, sail trimming, and sailing with the same sail up and downwind (4h),

- lifting, lowering and replacing or shortening the front sail and sail trim and with the same up and down the wind (4h),

- maneuver of turning upwind (8h),

- jibe maneuver (8h),

- steering

- "man overboard" maneuver, or "MOB". In order to perform this maneuver, all basic sailing knowledge is needed. Performing this maneuver shows all the knowledge acquired in the sailing school (4h).


Price for 7 days basic sailing lessons is 500€ to 850€ depending on period, number of participants and boat type.

Yachtium can offer you several options and sailing boats bacis sailing lessons. We can organize sailing lessons on any sailing boat that You desire. Here are some suggestions. Prices are per person.


Tell us your wishes and give us your inquiry to participate basic sailing school.


The price of the sailing lessons includes:

- a sailing boat adapted for sailing school

- a skipper/instructor

- 7 nights on board

- Berths in marinas, moorings, buoys, anchor points

- Fuel

The price of sailing lessons does not include:

- food and beverage for participants

- food and beverage for skipper/instructor


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